Developed applications

Shackle's project. is a combination of my newly gained knowledge in web design and the fact that my clan needed a website.

Shackle's project. is a website that contains information about Shackle's Arduino projects. Videos, tutorials, libraries & code can be found within

Shackle's project. is a hobby project of creating a website to explain how to make gold in the game World of Warcraft. Next version of this project will contain admin accounts & functionallity to be able to post methods dynamically.

Shackle's project. is the website that contains all browser games that have been developed by Shackle. Tennis game vs the computer, a snake game & a breakout game.

Shackle's project.

A simple gallery of images. The website has 2 different image themes, square & cinema.

To-do applications

web development / web design

Since web development and web design is the primary focus, I will continue developing new websites & redesign current websites. is a project in development where I put all designs that are not used for an active website.

Launch a course on Udemy about web design

I would love to start teaching students online. I want to share my skills & knowledge while making a passive income at the same time.

browser games

Browser games will be developed by following courses on Udemy until I can create games on my own. I will start creating different types of 2D games later in 2019 and revamp the website that hosts the browser games.

Multiplayer tanks + Steam

Finish the multiplayer tanks game course. I will add a custom camera for each unique player that joins the field. Make the game work properly through any LAN.

Apply to Steam to be able to post games that other people can either buy or download for free.

Programming Languages


Html5 is a collection of techniques used to create websites. Html5 is not to be confused with html, html5 builds on top of html. Html5 is still in its experimental form and will continue to be for a few more years. Html5 is one of the biggest updates to the web development world. A vast majority of modern features on websites is possibly thanks to html5.

Shackle uses html5 for websites.

css / css3

Css is a language used to create web design. Css adds attributes such as color, background color, font size, padding, margin etc to html5 elements. Css3 is the latest version of css which extends the previous version with new features.

Shackle uses css3 to create web design.


Javascript is a scripting language that has a lot to offer. Javascript in web development can handle tons of interactive functionallity. Browser games is a good example where javascript is used.

Shackle uses javascript for frontend, browser game development, interactive functions in web development.


Jquery is a library built to solve needs that was previously created with javascript. What jquery does is making javascript functions simplified. Some functions in jquery is between 1-3 lines of code. In javascript creating the exact same functionallity you might end up with 20-30 lines of code and a heavy headache.

Shackle uses jquery to create animations & interactive scrolling on websites.


Nodejs is javascript used as a backend language in the framework Express. With nodejs you can communicate with databses, routing, api calls, processing data etc.

Shackle uses nodejs for backend programming to connect with databases, routing etc.


C# was created by Microsoft to be used as an object oriented programming language in the backend to create controllers, models access to databases etc. C# is used in the framework.

Shackle uses csharp for backend programming to connect with databases, controllers etc.

Frameworks / tools / databases

Express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.

Mongodb is a nosql database, which means the data is stored non relational. is a Framework created by microsoft, is pretty heavy to use but offers almost endless potential.

Sql database is the complete opposite of mongodb, data here is stored relational.

Shackle uses Express framework. Shackle uses mongodb for no structured databases. Shackle uses aspnet framework. Shackle uses sql for structured databases.