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Software Development

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Introduction to Shackle

About Shackle

Shackle is founded by Erik Petersson and Shackle is a software development driven company. Shackle's primary focus is web development, web design & developing browser games. There is only 1 person within Shackle. CEO Erik Petersson is a certified .net developer with 2 years education at Teknikhögskolan.

Software development

Software developed by Shackle is focused around website applications both frontend and backend, browser games & Arduino sketches for changing colors of rgb-leds. The software developed is in a wide variety of languages. html, css, javascript, jquery is used in frontend. nodejs, express, mongodb, C#, & sql is used in the backend. Browser games is written in javascript using the html canvas element. C is used when programming Arduinos in the Arduino IDE. Third party libraries are used when adding anitmations to websites.

Expanding applications

Shackle is always working on new projects or refining old projects. Creating other types of software applications is within a future scope.


CEO - Erik Petersson

Image of CEO Erik Petersson, Erik Petersson is CEO of the company called Shackle.

Hi! My name is Erik Petersson and I'm a 22 year old man from Kalmar, Sweden. I am, the owner & founder of a company called Shackle. I develop applications such as websites, browser games & Arduino innovations. Learning for me is the key to progress into unknown areas and to dominate once you've mastered the basics. Software development for me, is a way to express my creativity combined with my skill in programming. Life is tough, and you need to have the strength, mentality & fortitude to become successful. Learning & consistency is what I'm focusing on currently in 2018-2019. I'm a certified .net developer, 2 years study as a

Software Development

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Web Development

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Browser Games

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Arduino Programming

Unity game development, links to software view with more information about Shackle Unity game development.

Unity Game Development